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End of Life Care

What is involved with End of Life Care?

Realising that you or a loved one is reaching the end of life can be extremely difficult and upsetting.

Shock, denial and grief are just some of the emotions you will go through and it can be difficult to think clearly about what is going to happen. Many people would like to have the choice of spending their final days surrounded by their friends and family in the familiarity of their own home, and our care support can enable this to happen.

We will support everyone involved and make sure we put a care package together around your specific needs and that helps you retain your dignity by making you as comfortable as possible.

We will of course, also liaise with any other end of life care services required from other organisations and can help families make sense of what is going on and what will happen to their loved one through the last stages of their life.

If you would like to discuss our End of Life care service, please call on 01472 347285 or contact us