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Equal Opportunities Statement

Lincolnshire Quality Care Services Ltd confirms its commitment to equality of opportunity in all areas of its work. All individuals will be treated in a fair and equal manner in accordance with the law regardless of gender, marital status, race, religion, colour, age, disability, pregnancy and maternity, personal beliefs or sexual orientation.

Lincolnshire Quality Care Services Ltd is committed to ensure its services are accessible, culturally appropriate and equitably delivered to all parts of the community, promoting equal opportunity for all, both within and external to the company.

Lincolnshire Quality Care Services Ltd will not discriminate, nor will tolerate discrimination in any area of employment, or in the provision of its services to the public, and accepts its legal responsibilities to comply with all relevant legislation and will undertake the required actions and training to ensure its commitments with regard to equality treatment are fulfilled.

Equal opportunities is a key principle in all our work and we will continue to recognise and develop the skills of our workforce and will foster a culture based on mutual respect and trust.

We will ensure that all employees are aware of the Policy and the expectations with regard to Equal Opportunities and Diversity and we will regularly monitor and review the policy for effectiveness and take actions when appropriate. Responsibility for central co-ordination, advice and review of the policy lies with the Registered Manager.

It is the responsibility of all employees of the company to act in a fair and proper manner in accordance with the Council’s Policy. Managers will ensure that the policy is properly applied.

Anyone who feels that he or she has been subjected to unfair discrimination should take the matter up with the Registered Manager.